Welcome to 3rd Grade

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Mrs. Wierschem’s email: [email protected]

Web Resources

Parents often ask for suggested reading appropriate at the 3rd grade level.  I have looked up a few websites that might help you to find good books for the 80 minutes of reading homework.  The last website here rates and reviews the books as well as gives the titles.

Chandler Public Libraryhttps://www.chandlerlibrary.org 

New York Public Libraryhttp://kids.nypl.org/reading/recommended2.cfm?ListID=62

Birchwood Media Centerhttps://sites.google.com/a/niskyschools.org/birchwood-library-media-center/great-reading-sites 

Carol Hurst’s Children’s Literature Site http://www.booksintheclassroom.com/gradeindex.php?grade=Third

Class Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How do I know how my child is doing in 3rd Grade?

 My best communication with you about how your child is doing is to send home graded work.  Check your child’s take home folder with corrected assignments and tests.  If you have questions or concerns about assignments, please call or email me.  I never want Parent Teacher Conferences to be a surprise.

What do I do if my child loses the homework paper?

The homework assignment for the week will be emailed to parents.  You can print a copy of the reading log.  If you cannot print, I will accept the reading log on a piece of notebook paper with your signature. 

Does my child have to read 20 minutes per night or can he/she read all 80 minutes in one night?

This is up to you.  It is probably better to read 20 minutes each night, but I do understand that there is more time on some nights than others.  Points will not be taken off as long as the 80 minutes are completed and signed.

What if my child brings home a grade on an assignment that I know he/she could have done better on?

 Your child is allowed to finish incomplete assignments or redo assignments correctly at home.  If brought back within a week of going home, I will adjust the grade of that assignment.  This does not include tests and assessments.  Those must be completed in class.

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