I have been teaching at Falcon Ridge Charter School since February 2016 and really enjoy teaching science and technology.  My focus in teaching science is developing labs and material that engage students and help develop a lifelong interest in science.  My focus in teaching technology is to have students develop their creativity through exploring programs, websites and presenting what they have discovered using various computer programs.  I really enjoy teaching at Falcon Ridge Charter School and think the teachers, staff and the students are amazing.

I was born in St. Louis and have lived in North Carolina, Maryland, Kansas, Tennessee, Ohio, Massachusetts, Tanzania (East Africa) and Idaho.  Throughout my career I have worked in the fields of environmental science, community development, wildlife conservation, education, financial literacy, and computer technology.  Some summers I lead safaris to East and Southern Africa which gives me the chance to visit with communities I worked with and donate supplies to the schools I helped build.  We have lived in Idaho since 2002 and really enjoy all the amazing people and beautiful scenery in the State.

Mr. Wallas 

1st-5th Grade

4th-5th Grade Technology

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