Medical / Immunizations 

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Our Student Handbook is a great resource for determining when to return to school with non-COVID related illnesses.  


Up to date immunization reports or immunization exemption forms are required for incoming kindergartners, 7th graders, and any student new to the school. 

Immunization Exemption Form

Idaho Immunization Requirements


When a student needs to take medicine at school, whether daily all school year or just a few days, the following guidelines must be followed:

  1.  A parent or legal guardian must deliver and pick up all medication, whether prescription or over the counter, to and from the school office. Students are not permitted to transport medications of any kind. Medication must come in the original container.  
    • Prescription medication must be in the prescription bottle with the correct label that includes the student’s name, name and dose of the medicine, directions for taking the medicine, doctor’s name, pharmacy’s name, and current date.  Most pharmacies will give you 2 bottles, one for home and one for school. 
    • When medication doses change the current prescription bottle needs to reflect that new dose.
    •  “Over the counter” medicine must be in the original container with a note from the parent/guardian giving directions that include what the medicine is for, when, and how much is to be given.  If parent directions do not follow the guidelines written on the label regarding frequency and dose, the medicine will not be given without a written note from a doctor.

    2.  Written consent for giving medication from a parent/guardian must accompany any medicine brought to school. 

    • For long-term medications (those given at school for longer than a week) a parent/guardian must complete the Medication Consent Form (see link below) and it must be returned to the office before any medication is given to the student.
    • Short term medications, like antibiotics given for just a few days at school, must come with a written note from a parent/guardian that includes consent for office staff to give the medicine to the student and directions for when and how much is given.

For the safety of your student, no medication of any kind will be given to a student unless it comes in its original container.  Medicine that comes in baggies, envelopes or any improperly labeled container will be sent home without being given.

Most medications that are taken 3 times per day or less can be administered at times outside of school hours.  Unless specifically directed by your doctor, give it before school, as soon as the student arrives home, and at bedtime.