Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about Falcon Ridge Public Charter School


  1. Does Falcon Ridge provide bus transportation?

Answer: Yes, however, our boundaries are much larger than traditional school boundaries, therefore, we have fewer group stops which may require you to drive to the closest stop.

  1. Do you provide busing for kindergarten students?

Answer: Partial bussing is provided. Kindergarten is half-day, every day. Kindergartners can ride the bus to school in the morning but kindergartners must be picked up at dismissal at 11:15. 

  1. How do I get my student into Falcon Ridge?

Answer : As a charter school, Falcon Ridge must follow the state law of holding a lottery for student enrollment. If you are interested in enrolling then you must complete an application to enter the lottery or to go on the waiting list if the lottery has already been held.

  1. Do I need to reapply for the lottery each year?

Answer: If your child is a student at Falcon Ridge, you do not need to reapply for the lottery. If your student is on the waiting list, you will need to reapply to the lottery each year. 

  1. What are my chances of getting in?

Answer: Chances are all based on the number of openings available in that class, the number of siblings, the number of applicants for the grade level, etc. There are many things that play into what your “chances” are for enrollment. All those things are out of your control and vary year to year and grade to grade. The only thing you can control is the actual submission of an application. Don’t let the idea that you won’t have a chance deter you from applying!

  1. Do I need to live in Kuna to attend Falcon Ridge?

Answer: No, but if you live outside of the Falcon Ridge boundaries (the boundaries are the same as the Kuna School District), your student has a lower preference in the lottery and will be at the end of the waiting list.

  1. Do you have any sports programs?

Answer: Yes. We do provide sports opportunities for our middle school students. Due to the limitations of the facility, we are only able to provide girls volleyball and boys & girls basketball.

  1. Are you part of the Kuna School District?

Answer: No. Falcon Ridge Public Charter School’s charter was authorized by the Idaho State Public Charter School Commission. They have oversight of our program and we function as a LEA. This means we are our own school district and are recognized as such by the State Department of Education.

  1. What are your class sizes?


K – 8th grade has 1 class each

Kindergarten–24 students

1st-3rd grade–29 students in each class

5th-8th grade–33 students in each class

  1. Does Falcon Ridge charge tuition?

Answer: No, Falcon Ridge is a public charter school with no fee to attend.

  1. What is the difference between a “traditional” school and a charter school?

Answer: A charter school is founded by parents (in most cases) who are looking for something different than the traditional public schools have to offer. Charter schools usually have a specific focus for their educational program. The focus at Falcon Ridge is character building and high academic and behavior expectations.


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